Farabi Fitness Weightlifting Arm Blaster Biceps Isolator Gym Support Straps Wraps (Black)

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  • Farabi Sports Bizeps Isolator Bomber Blaster massivem Metall Isolate & um Arme Schultern. Schnelles und einfaches Lösen, verstellbarer Schultergurt. Erhöht Muskel-Wachstum und Stärke Bizeps in Standardgröße passt auf alle. Gewebtes Nylon-Riemen, große weiche Nackenpolster und dicht, Ellenbogen-Bereich
  • Farabi Sports Ultimate Solid metal Arm blaster is made for the athletes who love to build their bicep muscles and concentrate on the arm strength enhancement. The Arm blaster lock the arms in a best position to provide strength to the muscles which enhance the aesthetic look of the body.
  • Made from HG-Solid Metal coupled with the Nylo-Fab XCR straps and PU_X core padding this arm blaster has no match in comfort and usage. The arm blasted isolates the biceps from the body and put the stress on the undergrown areas which need attention and cannot be built without a proper support.
  • The NHT-curve design restrict the movement of the arms and elbows to diverge the strength training impact directly to the muscles part. It enhances the lifting capacity of the arms and augments the overall strength of the bicep and triceps sections.
  • It keeps the biceps inform of the body during lifting session which helps in the incredible growth of the muscles. During the tradition bicep rounds the muscles tension spread across the whole arms which restrict the muscle building capacity however the Farabi Arm blaster specifically target the less grown areas and add the classic aesthetic effect on the overall look.

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